Around The World with Jaimie and Mario
Interesting Facts:

Countries: 28
Days: 188
Hotels: 75
Flights: 50
Flight miles: 66,644
Pics Taken: 14951
Visits to McDonalds: 3.5
# of Sunglasses:

Facts Updated: July 12, '06

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What? No trip to Ybor City? - Written by: Ted Schrader
Hey Mario and Jamie, 
It seems like another lifetime since the Tampa days. Good to see you stayed in Hong Kong for a couple days; I'll have to read more about your trip to see if you made it down to Stanley, where I stayed for a month. 
On your second world tour are you going to hit Australia and NZ?

HI Jaimie and Mario,i`am marwa your guide in cairo i`m so happay of both of u,realy i enjoy the tour with u and thank u mario of mentiond my name,we spoke a lot about islam and i was happay of that 
realy hope 2 see u again and now i`m making a web site for me hope to visit it one day 
see u soon

RE: Wrapping up the World - Written by: Kari Nearing
Reading about your adventures has been amazing!! We missed reading most of June (we were traveling ourselves) ~ so we have a little reading to catch up on. Glad that you will be home soon so we can hang out and talk about your journey. 
See ya soon. 
Kari & Steve

RE: Day 187 - Vienna and Wrapping up Aus - Written by: Christi
M & J, Though this is temporarily your last day, the adventure never stops. Your travels will change how you see even the smallest details of everyday life. Congratulations you two!

RE: Day 186 - Vienna - Written by: Judy Kip
Junior and Jaimie, 
How will I start my days now without yur blog to read?  
We'd love to have you stop in while you're in NY state. We are quiet AND we have AC -- not that we've needed it yet this summer.  
Thanks for sharing you adventures! 
Judy Kip

RE: Day 185 - Vienna - Written by: Jax
Those horses looked beautiful. One of my favorite Disney movies was about the Lippizanner stallions. Glad you got to see them.

RE: Day 184 - Vienna - Written by: Danielle
Hi guys! Thanks for the in depth history, especially the part about the Jewish extermination in WWII. My grandfather was born in Vienna and fled to Paris when he was 16. His entire family stayed behind and were all murdered. After the war was over, and he couldn't find any of them, he came to Philadelphia. It is so interesting to see your pictures and hear your stories. One day Brendan and I will travel there to reconnect with my roots. Enjoy the rest of Vienna! Miss you guys! It was great seeing you at our wedding :)

RE: Day 178 - Gyor - Written by: Gail Noyes
Jaimie and Mario, I am sad that your trip is winding down. I am a faithful reader, so hopefully you will write a book. Of course I also follow the Cal and Indy web site. This trip has been amazing, we can't wait to see you sometime, sorry we will miss you at the lake. Love Aunt Gail

set it up! - Written by: dragos
sup. casey sent me the link to this thing. pretty tite. have fun.

RE: Comments - Written by: Casey Leonard Desai
Hi Mario & Jaimie, I was just emailing with Dragos and I thought of you two. Sweet trip! Can't wait to spend some more time checking out the pics.

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